Ep. #6860

Season 28, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 4/14/2000
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Ashley confirms to Victor that she is pregnant. He assumes the father is Christian. She asks if this changes things between them. He is not sure how he feels. Ashley leaves him to sort out his thoughts.When Ashley returns to Jabot she tells Jack that Victor knows she‘s pregnant. Jack can only hope this puts an end to their relationship. Nikki tells Jack that she plans to put together a portfolio of fashion design and hopes that Ashley will change her mind about letting her work for Jabot.Jill and Kay agree that Mac and Billy would not be a good match. Besides, Jill thinks that Billy‘s feelings are for Brittany.Back at the Abbott home, Mac and Billy exchange glances as Raul talks about the fun they had when they went bowling earlier this evening.When Megan returns from New York, Tricia begins to defend herself until Megan tells her that Grace took the blame for everything that happened. Grace arrives at the coffeehouse and sees Sharon. Grace wants some answers when she finds out tha