Ep. #6859

Season 28, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 4/13/2000
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Ashley protests when Victor takes her to the private dining room, telling him she isn‘t properly dressed. Victor shows her a few dresses he brought from Fenmore‘s for her to try on. He pulls out his favorite. When Ashley returns, she is wearing a different dress. Victor notices her figure and concludes that she is pregnant.John and Jill tell Billy that they will allow him to have Raul and Mac over a few times a week. Billy begs Jill to let Brittany come over too, but she is sure that John won‘t agree to it. When Jill leaves, Billy takes out a picture of Mac.Kay confides in Nikki that she is worried Mac is falling for Billy. Nikki speculates that Raul and Mac will grow closer since Billy is grounded.Keith wants to take Tricia and Megan to London to distance them from all that‘s been happening. Tricia finds Megan‘s flight information to New York and realizes she has gone to see Grace.Megan wants answers from Grace concerning Tricia. Grace tells her that she acted alone and advises he