Ep. #6857

Season 28, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 4/11/2000
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Gary questions how Paul will find the stalker. Paul explains that he will follow the paper trail. Victoria tells Gary that it is a huge comfort having him around. When she leaves to get something, he picks up her scarf and smells it. She returns and sees him with it.Ashley confesses to Olivia that she is pregnant and plans to raise the baby by herself. She then goes to her obstetrician for her first ultrasound. Ashley is overjoyed by the sound of the baby‘s heartbeat.Jill can‘t help but wonder why Ashley is seeing Victor. Ashley must realize that Victor is probably using her to get inside information on Jabot.Nick and Sharon are looking forward to the last visit from the social worker so they can legally adopt Cassie. Cassie confesses to Nick that she already calls him ""daddy"" when she is at school.Megan tells Nina that she really misses Tony. She is having a hard time putting Sharon‘s accusations out of her mind. Tricia refuses to see the therapist and Keith agrees with her. Keith