Ep. #6856

Season 28, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 4/10/2000
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Victor doesn‘t understand Paul‘s anger when he asks him to bring Chris in on the stalker case. Paul claims that Victor Newman turned his life upside down when he sent Chris to Hawaii. Paul eventually responds to Victor‘s request and asks Chris to check into Ross‘ attorney.Chris claims that because of Michael‘s dealings with Warton, she can‘t jeopardize the firm. Paul feels Michael is driving a wedge between them.Gary and Victoria go to dinner. He tells her about his failed relationships with women. He asks her if she thinks about ""the fan"" and then apologizes for bringing it up.Jack questions Ashley‘s relationship with Victor. She tells him to stay out of it. Later, Victor calls and asks her to have dinner with him.When Keith finds out that Tricia accidentally killed Tony Viscardi, he agrees with Ryan that she should see a therapist. Tricia exclaims that Ryan believes she hit Tony on purpose.Sharon tells Nick that she is surprised to see Chris and Michael getting along so well. It