Ep. #6855

Season 28, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 4/7/2000
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Diane calls the reproductive lab and has them transfer Victor‘s sperm to the fertility clinic. She tells the doctor she is keeping the sample under the name Jenkins and not Newman for confidentiality reasons.Victor finds Jack and Ashley at Gina‘s. He congratulates them on the expansion of ""Glow."" Jack senses there is something going on between Ashley and Victor. He assumes he must be imagining it.Brad wakes up Nikki, who has fallen asleep in front of his computer. She notices that Brad has stocks marked on the screen. When he tells her how much money he has made by day trading, Nikki decides she must get herself a computer.Brittany wants Billy to know how much she cares about him. She proves it by kissing him in the school hallway. Mac watches the interaction.Ryan is glad Tricia decided not to go to London. Tricia strikes back, insisting that she had no choice. Ryan tells her he wants her to see a therapist. Her behavior has been very disturbing. As Ryan opens the door, Keith is st