Ep. #6854

Season 28, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/6/2000
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At the Lodge, Victor and Ashley flirt with each other as they dance. He offers to walk her back to work as long as the coast is clear. At Jabot, they run into Jill, but she leaves. Victor and Ashley exchange goodnights and kiss.Diane makes an appointment for the artificial insemination. She is sure that if she doesn‘t change her mind, she will be pregnant with Victor‘s child.Brad offers to teach Nikki how to use a computer. He shows her how she can find out all about the fashion industry from her own home. Nikki is thrilled with the process.Billy shares with Jack that there is something between Mac and him, but they can‘t pursue it because of Raul. Jack tells him not to deny his feelings because they always win out. Billy thanks him for listening, but he doesn‘t want to discuss it anymore.Brittany approaches Jill, asking her to lighten up on Billy. Jill is disappointed with Brittany but will give her a second chance because Billy asked her to.Kay questions Mac about Raul and Billy