Ep. #6853

Season 28, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 4/5/2000
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Jack tells Frank he is certain he is doing the right thing by expanding ""Glow."" He wants Frank to push through the loan extension immediately.Victor tells Alan that he has exactly one hour to accept his offer to acquire the loan that his bank is holding on Jabot. Ashley arrives at Victor‘s office. She accepts his invitation to dinner. He tells Ashley that no matter what happens, they will always remain close. Alan calls Victor back to let him know he now owns the loan.Detective LaCerra wants to talk to Tricia about her feelings for Tony. She admits she didn‘t think Tony was the right person for Megan, but denies planting the bra or kissing Tony on New Year‘s Eve. Ryan is angry with Tricia and wants some answers. He lets her know that if she leaves for London, he won‘t be at the apartment when she returns.Mac and Raul want to spend some time with Billy even though he is grounded. They decide to rent some movies and take them to the Abbott house. Mac thinks they should put their feeli