Ep. #6852

Season 28, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/4/2000
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As Jack celebrates the expansion of ""Glow by Jabot"", Ashley reminds him that they have a huge loan to pay off. Jill states that she was unaware of the loan and is worried about making the payments. John supports Jack‘s actions and tells Jill not to worry.Neil confirms with Victor that ""Glow"" has expanded. Victor calls Alan and tells him he wants to close the deal on the Jabot loan immediately.Sharon confides in Nick that she went to the police again about Tricia‘s involvement in Tony‘s death. Nick wants her to stop pursuing the matter, but she can‘t put it out of her mind. She then shows Nick the lease for the new coffeehouse. Nick signs it even though he has not told Victor.Tricia apologizes to Ryan for not telling him about Sharon‘s accusations. She insists that after a visit to her father she will be just fine. As she is getting ready to leave, a detective arrives at the door wanting to discuss Tony‘s death.Chris calls Paul, letting him know she has a client dinner and will be h