Ep. #6851

Season 28, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 4/3/2000
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Ryan is angry that Sharon seems to be taking pleasure in trying to ruin Tricia‘s life. Ryan can only hope she‘s wrong. When Tricia informs her husband that she and Megan are going to London to visit their father, Ryan wants some answers. Tricia promises that when she returns from her trip, she will be a changed woman.At the police station, Sharon tells the detective that Tricia hated Tony and that she can prove that she ran over him on purpose.Gary sits at his computer writing another letter to Victoria. He says he feels close to her now and would be angry if he loses her. He stares at his photo montage of Victoria.Chris is putting her office together when Michael walks in. He thinks Chris should give Paul a call and work things out. She warns him not to get involved in her personal life.Neil tells Olivia that Dru is convinced that something is being kept from her. She also suspects that something is going on between them. Olivia will tell Dru that there is nothing romantic going o