Ep. #6849

Season 28, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/30/2000
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Jack and Ashley try to convince Jill that it‘s time for Jabot to expand. Jill is concerned that they may have overextended themselves with their loan obligations. Jack vows he will never do anything to endanger Jabot again.Victor places a phone call to the bank president, Alan Carey. He reveals to Neil that they will have Jabot back before Jack knows what hit him.Gary wants to help Ross but doesn‘t have the $5000 to help him make bail. Ross orders Gary to leave. Ross receives the money and assumes his family scraped it together. Paul is notified that Ross is on his way home.Ryan is shocked to learn from Megan that Sharon thinks Tricia intentionally murdered Tony. He wonders why Tricia hasn‘t confided in him.Nick tells Sharon that he would like her to drop her accusations against Tricia. Sharon believes Tricia is dangerous and wonders what she might do to Megan‘s next boyfriend.Dru meets Neil at Gina‘s and wants to know what‘s going on with Olivia. Olivia tells her doctor that she