Ep. #6848

Season 28, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/29/2000
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Ross is frustrated when the judge won‘t lower his bail. He wants to see his lawyer. Victoria tries to get in touch with Gary, who told her he was going back to his office. Instead, he has gone to the jail to see Ross.Victor tells Victoria that he won‘t let Brash & Sassy go back to the older, more successful ads. She is relieved that the decision has been made for her. What she doesn‘t know is that Victor wants Jack to think that ""Brash & Sassy"" is failing. Then Jack will expand ""Glow by Jabot,"" thus taking the company further into debt.Ashley tells Jack she is aware he went to Paris to speak with Christian. She wants him to stay out of her personal life.Tricia confronts Sharon at Gina‘s. She accuses her of spreading vicious lies about her for no reason. Sharon thinks it‘s time for the police to decide.Megan stops at the apartment to talk to Ryan. She can‘t believe that Tricia didn‘t tell him about Sharon practically accusing her of murdering Tony.Olivia is happy to learn from Dru