Ep. #6847

Season 28, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/28/2000
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When Brad finds Ashley reading a baby book, she confesses that she‘s pregnant. Brad is jealous of whoever the father is. Jack arrives at Christian‘s office. He wants him to come back to Genoa City and take responsibility for the baby. Christian tells Jack that Ashley is happy to have this baby all to herself and he should stop meddling in her business.Diane has a difficult decision to make. She wants Victor, but is afraid if she becomes pregnant with his sperm, he will be furious with her.Victoria and Gary find a secluded table at Gina‘s. He admits that he likes her, but things are complicated for him. It‘s okay with Victoria; she wants to take things slowly. She also worries about Ross coming after Gary when he is released from jail. Gary assures her he isn‘t afraid of Ross.Victor and Paul meet at the police station, trying to get a search warrant for Ross‘ apartment.Jill wants Billy to talk to her about his drinking. He is tired of the lectures but assures her not to blame hersel