Ep. #6846

Season 28, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/27/2000
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Paul is waiting for Chris at Legal Aid when Nina walks in. She assumes he is in a bad mood because of the job offer Michael made Chris. Paul can‘t believe that she is seriously thinking of taking the job. Nina tells Paul that this job means a lot to Chris and he would be wrong to stand in her way.Chris continues her discussion with Michael regarding working with him. He definitely wants to make this partnership work, whatever it takes. Chris returns to Legal Aid and informs Paul that she accepted Michael‘s offer.Jill and John have a serious discussion with Billy about his behavior. Billy agrees he has been wrong and accepts the fact that he is grounded.Brad meets up with Diane at Gina‘s. He finds it hard to believe that Diane is once again falling under Victor‘s spell. Diane wonders if Victor is just toying with her emotions.Victoria informs Gary that Victor has agreed to keep his agency on the ""Brash & Sassy"" campaign, but she wants Gary to be in charge of it. They decide to go ou