Ep. #6842

Season 27, Episode 56 -  Air Date: 6/14/1999
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Ashley reveals to Jack and John that she is pregnant. Christian is the father, but she plans on raising the baby herself. Jack is furious. He calls Christian in Paris, but he isn‘t in his office.Mary is waiting for Chris at legal aid when Michael shows up. He informs her that he has offered Chris a partnership in a law firm. Mary wants him to stop causing problems for Chris and Paul. Chris decides it‘s time to tell Paul about Michael‘s job offer. Paul wants her to forget whatever deal Michael has on the table. He knows she will come to the realization that working with Baldwin is sheer lunacy.When Tricia arrives home, Ryan wonders what‘s bothering her. She tells him it‘s Megan. When he goes to call Megan, Tricia stops him by telling him that she wants to make love to him. Tricia begins to hear the sound of the motorcycle crash in her head.Megan talks to Nina. She just can‘t believe the wild accusations that Sharon made. Nina tries to calm Megan. She tells her that she needs to get T