Ep. #6824

Season 27, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 5/19/1999
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Nick and Victoria fill Victor in about Warton and assure him that he is now in jail. Victor is upset that Victoria‘s life was in jeopardy and he knew nothing about it. Warton tries to convince Paul that he is being set up. Paul wonders why Warton would have chanced writing another letter when Victoria was ready to pay him off.John is frustrated with Billy‘s attitude and grounds him for one week. Jill isn‘t happy that John failed to discuss this punishment with her. She tells Billy that maybe she can talk John into letting Billy go to Mac‘s birthday party. Billy isn‘t interested. After all, it was Mac and Raul who got him into trouble in the first place. Jill explains that Mac didn‘t tell on him; she happened to overhear the conversation.Kay and Esther gather everything for the party. Raul and Mac leave for the coffeehouse.Nina tells Chris that her road trip was a success and that she and Tomas are making some progress. Chris reveals to Nina that Michael has come to her with a job pr