Ep. #6650

Season 27, Episode 59 -  Air Date: 6/17/1999
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Victor is stunned when he hears from the lab regarding his sperm sample. He never authorized it to be kept in storage in the first place. However, he decides he shouldn‘t destroy the sample considering what his future may hold. Diane feels that it is time for her to use the sperm before Nikki gets to it.Nikki calls Jack out to the ranch. She wants to tell him the story of Victor‘s sperm sample. Jack gives her the name of a man to call who can help with sensitive issues such as this.Chris feels there are a lot of issues to discuss before she can partner up with Michael. He promises her that he will be on his best behavior and they can work out any problems that might come up. Michael signs the contract and then hands it to her.Brittany decides she must confess to Billy before Raul tells him that she didn‘t call 911. She explains that everything was happening so fast that she panicked. She hopes he can forgive her.Victoria and Paul discuss the profile of the stalker with a forensic p