Ep. #6649

Season 27, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/16/1999
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Diane silently watches as Victor works out in his gym. She thinks it‘s nice that they can live under the same roof. Victor takes a call from the reproductive lab technician. He wants to know what to do with Victor‘s sperm. Victor is confused, not knowing why the sperm sample has remained in storage all this time.Nikki tells Kay about the job that she is hoping to get at Jabot. Kay senses that Nikki wants to work there, knowing it will get on Victor‘s nerves.Billy and Mac agree that they can‘t hurt Raul. They decide to forget about this ""thing"" between them.Chris and Paul continue to argue over Michael‘s job offer. Chris feels Paul has a lack of confidence in her instincts. Paul feels that Chris has her mind made up. Chris heads to Michael‘s office with a definite answer for him.As Dru heads out the door of Malcolm‘s apartment, she realizes she can‘t leave Lily. Malcolm can see how much Lily means to her.Dr. Walker informs Olivia that he wants her to prepare for a bone marrow trans