Ep. #6648

Season 27, Episode 57 -  Air Date: 6/15/1999
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Victor enters the Jabot boardroom and tells Ashley that she is absolutely glowing. He asks about Billy. When Victor finds out that Billy is doing fine, he comments that when everything is well with one‘s family, the rest is unimportant.Jack wants to know what Christian has planned to help Ashley raise her baby. He books a flight to Paris.Brock confides in Katherine that he thinks Mac and Billy have feelings for each other. Billy catches up with Mac in the school hallway. He tells her that after finding out that Raul saved his life, it complicates things between them. Billy and Mac agree that the last thing they want to do is hurt Raul.Chris finally gets Paul to discuss Michael‘s job offer. She tries to explain how much it would mean to her to have her own law firm. Paul feels that Chris will ruin her reputation if she works with Michael.Malcolm agrees to watch Lily while Dru heads back to Europe for an important shoot. This doesn‘t sit well with Neil. He tells Olivia that things ar