Ep. #6646

Season 27, Episode 55 -  Air Date: 6/11/1999
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Victor tells Neil that he wants all of Jabot‘s outstanding debts in his possession. Jack will owe everything to Newman Enterprises.Jack finds Nikki at Gina‘s. He informs her that things haven‘t worked out regarding her job and reveals that Brad is part of the problem.Ashley wants to hire Brad back. John is having a conversation with Ashley when she begins to feel nauseous and excuses herself. Jack arrives as Ashley is returning with her pills. Jack tries to pick up the bottle, but Ashley snatches it away.Chris confides in Nina that she is seriously thinking about taking the job with Michael Baldwin. She knows that Paul won‘t be happy, but she feels that Michael has changed.Victoria enters Ryan‘s apartment. Ryan grabs her and kisses her. He is surprised to find out it‘s not Tricia. Victoria assumes that Ryan and Tricia are back on track.Megan can‘t believe that Sharon would say such cruel lies about her sister. She doesn‘t believe Tricia would have conspired with Grace to end her r