Ep. #6645

Season 27, Episode 54 -  Air Date: 6/10/1999
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Diane tells Victor that Doug Davies is a realtor who is helping her find a place to live. Victor accepts Diane‘s explanation. Diane is happy that Victor is being attentive. Now, more than ever, she wants to find the sperm sample. Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and immediately fires the ad agency that delegated Ross to the Brash & Sassy account. Victoria feels it‘s unfair to Gary and asks Victor to keep Gary on as creative director.Brad and Nikki run into each other at Gina‘s. Brad professes his love for her, but tells Nikki that he‘s not looking for a one-night stand. They confide in each other that they have exciting things happening in their lives.In the boardroom, Ashley rejects the idea of Nikki working for Jabot and Jack says the same about Brad.Tricia follows a distraught Megan home from the coffeehouse. Megan finally tells her sister that Sharon said some terrible things about Tricia and went to the police with her suspicions. Silently, Tricia recalls the night of the a