Ep. #6644

Season 27, Episode 53 -  Air Date: 6/9/1999
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Jill walks in as Ashley and Brad are having a conversation about Jabot. When Brad leaves, Ashley asks Jill what she thinks about Brad working there. Jill can‘t believe her ears, knowing that Jack is planning to ask Ashley about Nikki working at Jabot.After work, Mac visits Billy. He wants to know if she is feeling the same thing he is feeling.Victor arrives back at the apartment, telling Diane that he spent the night at the ranch. She assumes he is back with Nikki. He explains the problem with Victoria and that he stayed there to protect her.When Diane goes to fix dinner, Doug Davies, the private investigator Diane hired to find Victor‘s sperm, calls with information regarding her search.Megan overhears Sharon talking to Nick about Tricia‘s involvement in Tony‘s death. Megan wants to know why Sharon is carrying this resentment for Tricia. Sharon tells her that Tony confided in her about Tricia‘s hatred of him. Megan thinks Sharon is cruel and heartless and never wants to see her ag