Ep. #6643

Season 27, Episode 52 -  Air Date: 6/8/1999
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Nikki and Jack discuss her position at Jabot. Jack suggests that she take a consulting position in advertising, clothing, make-up and hairstyles. Nikki is thrilled.Brad tells Ashley that Victor caught him in a contract clause and he can‘t work for a competitor. Ashley thinks he can be a freelance consultant to Jabot with no permanent ties to the company.John and Jill pick up Billy from the hospital. He thanks them for being understanding. Brittany visits Billy at home. She tells him how much she cares for him. Raul and Mac head over to see Billy. On the way, Raul reveals to Mac that he loves her. At the Abbott home, Billy and Mac are left alone. Billy tells her that they need to have a serious talk.Sharon wants to discuss Tony‘s accident. Nick wants her to let go of it, but Sharon is convinced that Tricia heard Tony‘s motorcycle and ran over him on purpose.The detective calls Megan to inform her that her husband‘s death has officially been ruled an accident. Tricia tells her docto