Ep. #6642

Season 27, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 6/7/1999
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Nikki tells Victoria that she wants to be kept up to date with any information that has to do with the stalker. She also makes it clear that she doesn‘t want to discuss Victor at any time. Nikki then calls Jack and wants to know if his offer stills stands regarding a job at Jabot.Jill thinks that Jack is crazy to bring Nikki into the business. Ashley‘s doctor confirms that she is pregnant. She doesn‘t want to spread the good news until she finds out for sure that she can carry the baby to term.Brad offers Victor a deal that would allow him (Brad) to get a job at any company he wants. Victor rejects the offer and vows to see him in court. Brad reminds Victor that Nikki could be dragged into this, but Victor doesn‘t care.Sharon goes to Megan‘s home to discuss Tony. During the conversation, Sharon wonders about the noise outside. Megan explains that the kids drive their go-carts up and down the driveway. Sharon determines that Tricia had to have heard Tony‘s motorcycle as she backed ou