Ep. #6641

Season 27, Episode 50 -  Air Date: 6/4/1999
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Nikki arrives home to find Victor in a discussion with Victoria and Nick. Victor explains to Nikki that Victoria‘s life is in jeopardy. He takes charge of the situation and decides to pull all of his daughter‘s Brash & Sassy ads. Nikki wants to know if Victor intends to stay at the ranch until the situation is resolved. He informs her that he only stayed last night because Victoria was distraught.At Chris‘s request, Michael asks Warton to drop any charges he might bring up against the Newman family, but Warton has other plans.Megan believes that Tony‘s death is eating away at Tricia. By keeping Megan at the apartment, Tricia is able to ease the guilt she has from the accident. Tricia needs to let it go. Sharon can‘t believe that the investigation into Tony‘s death is closed. She speaks to the detective who was in charge of the case.Lily comes down with the chicken pox. This puts Olivia in danger with her fragile health. Dru still doesn‘t know what‘s wrong with her sister, but feels