Ep. #6640

Season 27, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 6/3/1999
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Nikki doesn‘t think that having an affair with Jack would help her cause. Jack offers to give Nikki a job at Jabot. That would infuriate Victor more than anything. Nikki loves the idea.Paul is worried that if Ross isn‘t the fan, then the real stalker is still out there. Victoria realizes that she made a mistake by offering Warton $500 to stay away from her. Hopefully, only a few people know that she did it and it won‘t be used against her in court. Victor comforts her as she begins to cry. Victoria doesn‘t realize that Michael Baldwin knows she offered Warton the money.Ross is brought into the police station. Michael warns Warton to stay away from him, but the temptation is too much and Warton takes a swing at him.Tricia tries to get Megan to stay, but she insists that it‘s time she leaves. When Megan goes to pack, Ryan begins kissing Tricia.Nina tells Tomas that she is sorry she got mad at him. Tomas explains that he once had a friend in emotional trouble just like Tricia and the