Ep. #6639

Season 27, Episode 48 -  Air Date: 6/2/1999
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Paul and Chris are frantically looking for Ross‘ number when Victoria and Ross walk in. She wants to know what they are doing in her office. Paul tells her about the videotape and wants Ross to confess. Ross explains that he only planted the letter because he was sure that Warton was the fan and he wanted him in jail. Chris explains that Ross has committed a felony and he is hauled off to jail.Jack and Nikki discuss her love life. He wonders what life would have been like for them if their baby had lived. When Jack reveals that Ramona is in town, Nikki gets upset. Jack offers to help Nikki make Victor jealous.Tricia overhears Ryan talking to Megan about taking Tricia away for the weekend. She enters the room insisting that Megan isn‘t ready to be alone. Later, Megan tells Tricia that she is moving back home, leaving her sister without an excuse to avoid Ryan.Nina and Tomas discuss Ryan and Tricia. Nina feels that he is dwelling on it too much and leaves.Olivia is dealing with a pat