Ep. #6638

Season 27, Episode 47 -  Air Date: 6/1/1999
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When Billy wakes up, he has no idea where he is or what happened. Mac goes to get Jack and Ashley. Jill and John rush back to the hospital to see their son. Billy asks for Mac, but she has gone to tell Raul the good news. Jack comments to Ashley that there is obviously a connection between Mac and Billy that they‘re not willing to admit.Ross takes Victoria to Gina‘s. He plans to pick up dinner and take it back to his place. Paul and Chris are worried that Ross is the ""fan"" and that Victoria is now in his grasp. They try to call her cell phone, but it isn‘t working. They head to Victoria‘s office to get information about where Ross lives.Tricia is angry with Megan for insisting that she and Ryan get away for the weekend. Ryan walks in on their conversation. Tricia leaves to get coffee. Ryan lets Megan know that he wants to take Tricia away for a few days.