Ep. #6636

Season 27, Episode 45 -  Air Date: 5/28/1999
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Ashley is furious with Brittany for telling Jill that Billy had been drinking. Both she and Jack fear that it might push Jill over the edge, knowing that alcohol could cost her both of her sons their lives.Jill falls asleep on the living room sofa. She sees images of Billy and Phillip swirling in her head. She hears the doctor telling her that they did all they could. Jill begins to cry out as Mac walks in the door.Paul still isn‘t sure that Warton is the man they‘re looking for. When he realizes that the warehouse has a video camera going at all times, he asks to search through past tapes.Victor meets Ross for the first time and thanks him for watching over Victoria. Victor gets a call from his secretary that Ramona is in town.At the apartment, Diane explains her history with Victor. Ramona goes back to Gina‘s and tells Jack that she can‘t believe her instincts about Victor were so wrong.Michael asks Chris to consider his offer to partner with him in their own law firm. He has to