Ep. #6635

Season 27, Episode 44 -  Air Date: 5/27/1999
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Billy‘s family continues to stay at his bedside. Ashley tells John that he should get some rest, but he feels that as a parent he must stay with his son. Dr. Walker believes that Billy will survive, but the amount of alcohol he consumed might cause him brain damage. Raul feels responsible for Billy‘s condition, but Mac feels that Billy should have watched out for himself.Ramona and Helena are in Genoa City. Ramona calls the ranch only to find out that Victor has moved out. She finds the address of Victor‘s apartment and goes to see him. She is stunned when Diane opens the door and tells her that she lives with Victor.Victoria gives her bodyguard the day off and accepts a dinner invitation from Ross. Paul interrupts the conversation, telling Victoria that he doesn‘t think her problems are over - even with Warton in jail.Gene Desmond asks Michael if he should be looking for another lawyer to work at his firm. Michael wants to run his own firm with Gene as his prime client, but Gene sa