Ep. #6634

Season 27, Episode 43 -  Air Date: 5/26/1999
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Brad lets Nikki know that he didn‘t come back to the ranch for a one-night stand. She can contact him when she wants to make a commitment.Ashley calls Christian in Paris, letting him know that she is pregnant. Christian fears that Jack will assume he is the father and come after him. Ashley asks him to play along. She doesn‘t want the real father of her baby to know the truth.Victor finds out from Gina that Nikki was at the restaurant with Brad. He heads back to his apartment where Diane offers him a nightcap and a massage. When Diane goes to put on something more comfortable, Victor leaves the room. He tries to call Ashley from his bedroom, but she and Jack have already left for the hospital to be with Billy.Olivia informs John and Jill that Billy has a heartbeat, but he is not out of the woods. Both parents are shocked to find out that Billy had an alcohol level over the legal limit.Neil is tired of Dru‘s questions regarding Olivia. He would like to have a normal conversation wit