Ep. #6633

Season 27, Episode 42 -  Air Date: 5/25/1999
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Nikki admits that there might be some truth to the fact that she wants to be with Brad because Victor didn‘t show up at the party. Brad doesn‘t want a one-night stand with her; he wants to marry her. Nikki isn‘t ready for a commitment, but wants him to come home with her.Victor joins Ashley for dinner at her home. They discuss Nikki and wonder if he can ever really be free of her. Victor leaves and goes to Gina‘s. He asks Gina if she has seen Nikki this evening.When John and Jill arrive at J.T.‘s party, they find Raul giving CPR to Billy. The paramedics arrive and take Billy to the hospital, where they try to revive him. A nurse tells Olivia that Billy is in full cardiac arrest. Jill is in hysterics. Raul notifies Mac that Billy is in trouble.Dru finds Neil at the apartment reading to the kids. He hopes that Dru wasn‘t too hard on her sister. Dru wonders why Olivia is such a ""delicate flower"" all of a sudden and thinks that something is going on.