Ep. #6632

Season 27, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/24/1999
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Mac is upset when Raul leaves the birthday party to warn Billy that his father is looking for him. Raul enters J.T.‘s house and wants to know where Billy is. J.T. informs Raul and Brittany that Billy went outside when he felt sick. Raul is shocked to find him face down in the snow without a pulse.John and Jill call over to J.T.‘s and ask to speak with their son. Brittany can only say that he is dead.At Victoria‘s suggestion, Victor goes over to the coffeehouse to look for Nikki, but she has already left the party only to find Brad sitting at Gina‘s.Jack tells Ashley that with his cancer scare, he decided to make a sperm deposit. He eventually wants children and feels that he would make a good father. Ashley is optimistic about her future also.When Jack leaves the room, Ashley removes a home pregnancy test.Dru tries to convince Olivia that Malcolm isn‘t the bad guy and that she should let go of her anger.