Ep. #6631

Season 27, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/21/1999
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Brad runs into Victoria at Gina‘s. Again, she accuses him of breaking up her family. Brad insists he is only trying to make her mother happy.Victoria heads to the office and urges Victor to try and salvage his relationship with Nikki. This could be his last chance.Mac isn‘t happy that Jill and Billy are at her party. Brock confesses that he invited them. When the grownups leave the coffeehouse, Billy and Brittany head off to J.T.‘s party. Brittany wants Billy to take her into the bedroom, but Billy refuses. Instead he gets himself another drink. The alcohol soon makes him sick and J.T. pushes him out the door where Billy passes out in the cold.John is furious when Jill arrives home, having left Billy at the party without supervision.Neil stops by the photo studio and is happily surprised to see Lily.Olivia returns home and is shocked to find Drucilla sitting there.