Ep. #6630

Season 27, Episode 39 -  Air Date: 5/20/1999
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Nick storms out of the office as Victor is yelling at him about the danger he put Victoria in. Sharon feels that Nick should move out from his father‘s shadow and suggests that they move to Milwaukee to open up a new coffeehouse.Paul has doubts about the final letter that Warton wrote to Victoria. He asks the D.A. to see it again. Victor pays Paul a visit. If anything happens to Victoria, Victor will hold Paul responsible.Ross suggests that they take more provocative pictures of Victoria for the ad. Gary thinks it‘s a bad idea. After setting up the decorations at the coffeehouse for the party, Mac returns home to change. Brock presents her with a new outfit. She overhears him telling Kay that the outfit reminds him of Mac‘s mother.John allows Billy out of the house to attend Mac‘s party. The one condition is that Jill will be at the party also. Billy isn‘t happy about this because now he can‘t sneak away to J.T.‘s bash.Malcolm is devastated when Olivia refuses to talk about his vis