Ep. #6628

Season 27, Episode 37 -  Air Date: 5/18/1999
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Ashley joins Victor at the Lodge for dinner. He tells Ashley that he cares about her and hopes to spend more time with her in the future.John asks Jack why an oncologist was calling him. Jack explains that during his physical they thought that they detected testicular cancer, but the doctor told him that his tests were negative. Jack wants to talk about Ashley. John suggests that Jack focus on his own life.Ross demands that they read the letter that has fallen from Warton‘s jacket. Warton claims that the Newmans are framing him. He is arrested and taken to jail.Nick is glad the whole thing is over and congratulates Ross on his help in capturing ""the fan.""Ryan confides in Nina that he and Tricia are back on track emotionally - and sexually. Nina finds it hard to believe that the woman who killed Tony is doing just fine.Tricia tells Megan that she doesn‘t know how long she can carry on this charade with Ryan.Michael continues to point out to Chris the advantages of working at Desmo