Ep. #6627

Season 27, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 5/17/1999
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Ashley thanks Christian for pretending to be the guy on the cruise. She explains that the man she met on the cruise was married, but separated. He planned to put his marriage back together. Christian is glad he could help out. Ashley returns to Jabot, telling Jack that she and Christian have decided to just be good friends.Victoria is furious with Ross when she finds out that he picked a fight with Warton. Along with Paul and Ross, Victoria goes to the warehouse to explain to Warton what happened. He doesn‘t believe she had nothing to do with Ross‘ plan. Victoria lashes out at Ross. He points out that a letter is sticking out of Warton‘s jacket. It conveniently falls out.Michael goes to Legal Aid to see Chris. He asks if she is happy at her job. He wants to discuss a new opportunity with her.Tricia and Ryan make love for the first time since the miscarriage. Ryan wants to spend private time with his wife and suggests that they go on a ski trip together.Tricia confides in Megan that