Ep. #6626

Season 27, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 5/14/1999
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Sharon admits to Nikki that she was the one who told Connie to send the roses. Nikki yells at Sharon to stop interfering in her life. She then apologizes, thinking that Brad has been right all along about her relationship with Victor.Nick and Victoria discuss Victor. Nick doesn‘t care if the whole situation between his father and him blows up. He doesn‘t need Victor any more than Victor needs him.Ross follows Warton to the warehouse and picks a fight with him. Warton ends up punching Ross, which is exactly what he wanted. Ross then assures Victoria that Warton will be in jail by the end of the day.Ashley thanks Christian for helping her out with her plan. She feels that Jack is entirely too involved in her private life and that this is the only way to stop him.Callie tries to explain to Malcolm that she has always loved him. She hopes that when she leaves town, Olivia will allow Malcolm to be with Nate. She takes off her engagement ring, puts it on the table and leaves. Malcolm thr