Ep. #6625

Season 27, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 5/13/1999
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Victoria tells Victor that if he keeps pushing his family away, they might not be there when he needs them. She wants him to know that she loves and misses him. Diane confides in Brad that she is sure Nikki took the sperm sample. When Brad finds out that Victor has bought back the penthouse, he decides to leave.Victor arrives home. When Diane offers him dinner, he assures her that he is not interested in her dinner and doesn‘t need a shoulder to lean on. He goes to his room.Ross is hurt that Victoria hasn‘t come to him for help with ""the fan"" situation. She tells him that she doesn‘t think the fan will be a problem any longer. When Victoria leaves her office, Ross starts to rummage through her desk.Nick and Sharon discuss starting a string of coffeehouses. Sharon promises to support Nick in anything he decides.Ashley spots Jack at the Lodge and wonders what he is doing there. Jack introduces himself to Christian. He notes that the name sounds familiar. As Jack leaves, he goes to th