Ep. #6624

Season 27, Episode 33 -  Air Date: 5/12/1999
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Diane drops by Victor‘s office to sign over the penthouse. She runs into Nikki, who is there to thank Victor for the flowers. Each woman wants to know what the other is doing there. When Victor walks in, Nikki storms out. Diane asks him if he will be back at the apartment for dinner.Nick confides in Sharon that the coffeehouse is no longer a challenge for him. However, he is intrigued when he overhears some college students wishing that there were a place like Crimson Lights where they‘re going to school.Malcolm tells Neil that Callie is still married to Trey. He can‘t believe that Callie would put him in such a dangerous situation. He loved her and was ready to marry her.Callie is trying to get a hold of Malcolm when Olivia storms in. She is furious and promises to have Malcolm stripped of his rights to be with Nate. Malcolm hears her threats.When Ashley doesn‘t attend a focus group for Jabot, Jill makes it her mission to let the others know she doesn‘t think it‘s right.Ashley me