Ep. #6623

Season 27, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 5/11/1999
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Victor admits to Ashley that he has moved back to the penthouse. Ashley senses there is something behind Diane‘s generosity. She thinks Diane will use this time to get closer to him. Unbeknownst to Victor, Sharon has given his secretary permission to send roses to Nikki, as she always does on Valentine‘s Day. When Nikki receives the roses, she thinks Victor is ready to bury the past and look forward to the future with her.Victoria tries to make a financial deal with Warton, promising him $500 a week for as long as ""the fan"" letters stop. Warton likes the deal, but doesn‘t want to confess to writing the letters.Malcolm comes to the conclusion that Callie is still married to Trey. She admits that she is, but is trying to get a divorce. Malcolm is angry that Callie put his life at risk by not telling him the truth. He leaves.Neil asks Olivia to reconsider her request to have Malcolm‘s visitation rights revoked. She must take the time to hear Malcolm out.Tomas asks Nina to be his Valen