Ep. #6622

Season 27, Episode 31 -  Air Date: 5/10/1999
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Nick is upset when he hears that Victoria wants to handle the stalker her own way. Nick, Chris and Paul head for her office. They arrive only to find out that she left.Victoria, with Gary at her side, confronts Warton, asking what kind of deal he is willing to make to stay away from her.When Brittany finds out that Billy can‘t go to Aspen, she thinks that John is being unreasonable. She wants to go to John and ask again, but Billy tells her to find a replacement.Later, Mac wants to talk to Billy about what happened at the coffeehouse. Billy accuses her of telling his mother about his Aspen vacation. Mac swears she didn‘t say a word to Jill, but Billy wants her to stay out of his life.Olivia calls Michael. She wants Malcolm‘s visitation rights revoked. Olivia doesn‘t want her son put in any more dangerous situations.Malcolm gets Trey‘s phone number and calls him. Callie has to admit that at a time when she was desperate, she married Trey.Ashley makes plans to meet Christian at the