Ep. #6620

Season 27, Episode 29 -  Air Date: 5/6/1999
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Diane panics when she finds the sperm is missing. Diane has three suspects - Michael, Brad and Nikki. Diane can only hope it‘s not Nikki.Victor shows up at the ranch. He tells Nikki that the movers will be picking up his things in the morning. She questions his sanity for moving back in with Diane.Mac explains to Raul that she and Billy have settled their differences, but thinks it‘s better if they don‘t hang around with Billy and Brittany. Raul asks if something else is going on.Brock tells Jill that he thinks Mac and Billy have feelings for each other. Jill is sure that isn‘t the case. Billy confides in Jack that he feels something for Mac.Malcolm enters the studio and sees Sam choking Callie. He throws Sam out. Malcolm wants to call the police, but Callie wants to wait. He wonders if this is Trey‘s way of getting Callie to work for him again.Olivia explains to Neil that she has aplastic anemia and assures him that it is treatable.Ashley asks Christian if he can come to Genoa C