Ep. #6619

Season 27, Episode 28 -  Air Date: 5/5/1999
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Diane wants to cooperate with Victor. She‘ll sell him back the apartment, but she needs three months to find a place of her own. Victor agrees to this. Diane knows that this is her one chance to get Victor back. When Victor leaves, Diane checks on her freezer. She is shocked to find that the unit is unplugged.Brad barges into Victor‘s office. He wants to know what it will take to amend his former contract stating that if Brad leaves his job, he cannot work for a competitor of Newman Enterprises. Victor tells Brad that he has nothing he wants. Victor swears to himself that he will make Brad pay for what he has done.Victoria is angry when she hears that Paul had to call off the surveillance on Warton. She decides she‘ll have to take matters into her own hands.Neil is happy when Malcolm tells him that he will stay away from Olivia. Malcolm makes it clear that he only doing it for Olivia‘s health.Dr. Walker tells Olivia that she has aplastic anemia. She must keep a positive attitude if