Ep. #6618

Season 27, Episode 27 -  Air Date: 5/4/1999
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Jack isn‘t surprised to learn that Nikki was involved with Brad. However, he is surprised to find out that Victor might move back in with Diane. Nikki asks Jack if he knows anything about Ramona.When Diane finds out that Victor wants to buy back his apartment, any hope for Victor‘s affection is dashed. Diane has a solution that could work for both of them.Victoria compliments Gary for having the great idea of a spontaneous shoot. She asks him to celebrate over dinner. Ross overhears the conversation from the corridor.Paul wants to know if Gladys can identify the man who asked her to buy the flowers. There is a photo of Warton in the group, but Gladys doesn‘t recognize him.Chris informs Paul about Michael‘s appearance in her office. Paul acknowledges that he has a tail on Warton and will call him off.Megan thanks Tricia for letting her stay with them during this horrible time in her life. Ryan brings home dinner, but Megan just wants to go to bed.Malcolm asks Olivia‘s doctor if he