Ep. #6617

Season 27, Episode 26 -  Air Date: 5/3/1999
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Victor wants to know why Brad resigned. He informs Brad that he will forfeit a considerable amount of termination pay. Brad doesn‘t want anything from him. Victor thinks he has another agenda. Brad tells Victor he should stick closer to home. Later that day, Brad receives a copy of his employment contract. He turns to the flagged page. Brad curses Victor.Diane is waiting for Victor to arrive when she notices that the door to the spare room is unlocked. She determines that she just forgot to lock it. When Victor arrives, he refuses Diane‘s invitation for a drink. He only wants to talk about the living arrangements.The doctor assures Tricia and Ryan that it‘s okay for them to try and conceive. She notices that Tricia is uncomfortable with this and tells her that it‘s perfectly normal to have reservations about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. Tricia claims she is looking forward to being intimate with her husband again.Callie can see how worried Malcolm is about Olivia and wonder