Ep. #6615

Season 27, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/29/1999
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Kay enters Victor‘s office. She is very upset with what is happening between Victor and Nikki. Kay suggests that Victor is no saint and the two of them should call it even. Victor fantasizes about dancing with Nikki to their favorite song.While hiding from Diane in her apartment, Nikki finds the container with Victor‘s sperm in it. She eventually reveals herself to Diane, who is trying to set up a catered dinner for Victor when he comes over. Nikki and Diane get into an argument. Nikki leaves with her large bag in tow. Outside the door, she begins to smile.Victoria isn‘t happy with the current photos promoting Brash & Sassy. Malcolm and Gary set up a camera in the office to catch Victoria at work. They think it will make a great campaign.Nick tells Sharon that although they had planned to sell the coffeehouse, he isn‘t going to. Nick is so angry with Victor that he just won‘t give in to his bullying.After a conversation with Billy, Jack murmurs to himself that Billy has a bad crush