Ep. #6614

Season 27, Episode 23 -  Air Date: 4/28/1999
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Victoria asks Nikki if Victor knows about her affair with Brad. Both women assume that this is why Victor is talking with Diane about living arrangements. Nikki wonders just how far Victor would go to punish her. She finds out from the lab that Victor‘s sperm was delivered to the Newman Towers penthouse. Diane tells Michael that Victor wants to meet with her. Michael concludes that she wants to be with Victor and not him. He asks Diane how much money she is willing to pay for his silence regarding Victor‘s sperm.Victor meets with Nick about his ownership of the coffeehouse. When he finds out that Nick hasn‘t sold it yet, he tells him he will have to reassess his decision to give Nick a seat on the Newman board.Billy is pleased when John and Jill decide to let him go to Aspen with Brittany and her family over winter break. He goes to the coffeehouse and is surprised to find out that Raul is going to have a birthday party for Mac. Billy asks Mac why he wasn‘t invited. She informs him t