Ep. #6613

Season 27, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 4/27/1999
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Diane can‘t believe that Victor wants to discuss his living arrangements her. When Victoria overhears this, she thinks Victor has lost his mind.Ramona calls Victor to let him know she is thinking of him. He is glad to hear from her.Nikki has feelings for Brad, but tries to explain to him that she can‘t rush into a relationship. She feels that she is still trying to find herself as a woman. Brad lets Nikki know that he was going to leave town, but now he‘s not so sure.Raul is excited about throwing a sweet sixteen party for Mac. Brock tells the kids that it‘s okay to have it at the coffeehouse. Raul asks if Mac will invite Billy to the party. She tells him that Billy will be in Aspen with Brittany. John tells Billy that he won‘t be going to Aspen unless John can talk to Brittany‘s parents first.Amanda thinks that Brady‘s call was phony. She thinks that the person who called must have something to do with Mac. It‘s time she found out what her daughter is doing.Victoria invites Gary