Ep. #6612

Season 27, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 4/26/1999
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Assuming that Nikki and Victor are back together, Brad is surprised to hear that Nikki still has feelings for him. However, she is confused and doesn‘t know where her life is headed. Brad begs her to dump Victor and be with him.Victor needs to find a place to stay and calls Diane. He is about to discuss his living arrangements when Victoria walks in.Brittany wants Billy to go to Aspen during winter break. Her parents will only be there for two days and they can have the rest of the time to themselves. Billy promises he will ask John soon.Raul finds out that Mac has just had her sixteenth birthday. He lets Kay and Brock know and they decide to plan a great party during winter break.Jill is in St. Louis with Brady, the private detective. Jill is determined to find out if Mac is really Brock‘s daughter.Brady is able to get Amanda Browning‘s phone number and calls her.Neil is visiting Olivia at her office when Dr. Walker comes in with her test results. Neil is surprised. He thought s