Ep. #6611

Season 27, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 4/23/1999
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Victor lashes out at Ashley for defending Brad. Ashley explains that Nikki was receptive to Brad because of the deterioration of her marriage to Victor. He vows to make Brad‘s life a living hell.Gina tells Jack that Brad is getting married. Jack guesses that Brad‘s relationship is with Nikki. Brad doesn‘t want to discuss it and leaves.Sharon tells Tricia that she is sick of her phony, compassionate act with Megan. The police are investigating the incident and the truth will come out. Tricia begs Sharon not to tell Megan about the ""kiss"" on New Year‘s Eve.Later, Nick tells Sharon she has to forget about Tricia‘s part in Tony‘s death or it will drive her crazy.Michael is intrigued when he finds out that Warton wants legal representation to fight off Nicholas Newman. When Michael gloats to Chris about Warton, she demands that he leave her office.Paul and Victoria are discussing her stalker when Victor enters. He wants to know what‘s going on.